• Holistic Skincare

    Artisan Creations with Select Essential Oils & Botanicals for Radiant Skin, Intense Moisture and Lasting Protection; Formulated to Restore Balance, Enhance Mood and Promote Health & Wellbeing. Extraordinary Results, Guaranteed.

  • Healing Gemstone Jewelry

    Nature-Inspired Beauty. Uniquely Designed. Energy Balancing. Handcrafted with Select Gemstones, Beads, Crystals and Silver. Complete Satisfaction, Guaranteed.


Welcome to Holistic Body Basics! Here, we have the background, knowledge and experience of what it takes to have phenomenal health, naturally. The holistic approach, that is to treat the body as an interconnected whole, is very effective in achieving physical health by working toward a state of balance between body, mind and spirit. Only when this balance is attained may one be truly well; and that's what we can help you achieve.

Our mission is to help people just like you to create a healthy and balanced body, inside and out. Through our Holistic Body Products we bring you the very best that nature has to offer, greatly contributing to the body, mind, spirit balance that is so crucial to overall health and wellness...


      Holistic Skincare

Our Holistic Skincare creations start with the finest ingredients available. Each product is made with select essential oils, herbs and botanicals to maintain and restore healthy skin, enhance mood and promote overall health and wellness. You can count on our products to be completely free of synthetics and chemicals; created using only naturally-sourced, non-toxic, organic ingredients that are never tested on animals. Our Holistic Skincare provides outstanding results, and is also very healthy for you!

      Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Inspired by nature, uniquely designed and expertly crafted, our energy balancing Gemstone Jewelry is made with choice natural gemstones, beads, crystals, silver and other metals -- all well known to be highly beneficial to our physical and emotional health.

      Holistic Health & Lifestyle 

To further help you gain amazing health, we have an informative Lifestyle Blog. Here you will find in-depth articles to assist you with diet, healthy foods and recipes, a healthy home environment, DIYs, holistic health information & strategies, quality longevity, and much more.

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Kathy Ashley, Holistic Health Coach and Owner/Creator of Holistic Body Basics™

Essential Oils

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