Hello and welcome! I'm very pleased that you're here.

I'm Kathy Ashley, natural skincare formulator & owner of Holistic Body Basics™.  I started this company from my own personal need and desire to use high quality body care products that were of real benefit to my skin, and that I could count on to be cruelty-free and contain no synthetics or chemicals. 

A few years ago, I had some pretty major health issues going on, and threatening enough to warrant a complete change in my lifestyle. I went totally natural and holistic in every aspect of my life, and it paid off big time in terms of health, happiness and LIFE.

Having the awareness that the body readily absorbs everything applied to it, I started creating holistic skincare products using only natural, organic ingredients that provide nourishment for the body. My skincare formulations, containing the finest quality plant-based oils, extracts, botanicals and 100% pure essential oils, feed the skin and provide a level of nutrition to the body that promotes natural wellness. This, combined with a naturally healthy lifestyle, aids the body in creating healthy cell formation. Over time, this allows you to basically build a healthier, younger looking (and feeling!) body at the cellular level. Pretty great!

I developed a keen interest in healing gemstones and crystals, and how they benefit the physical body. My husband, an expert craftsman and metalsmith, decided to join me in this area of the business; together we design and create nature-inspired jewelry to further support a holistic lifestyle. Our jewelry is brilliantly crafted with select natural gemstones, beads, crystal and silver. Quality is very important to us, and we use only the best natural gemstones in our designs.

Our mission is to provide the very best quality of holistic products available. Created on site and personally by us, all our products promote wellness due to intentional and careful formulation of ingredients and materials. Each item sold is given great attention to detail and held to the highest of standards.  

I am a board-certified holistic health coach, educated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I firmly believe that all we really need to thrive in health and life is found in nature. Utilizing natural foods, plant-based nutrition, effective holistic practices and my own line of holistic body products result in a natural and effective cleansing, detoxification and healing process. Working with the nature of the human body is the most effective method of building true health. These methods and techniques are exactly what we used to get our own health back on track after years of taking prescription drugs to manage conditions that are now completely controlled with diet and lifestyle.

We are avid nature and animal lovers, enjoy working and spending time together, and live in the southeastern US.

Kathy Ashley